Frequently Asked Questions

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What coffees do you offer? We offer over 100 different varietals, blends and flavors. The selection of the coffees we offer are viewable at
How are my profits calculated?

You will receive a 40%-50% discount off of the product prices on, depending on what membership plan you select. On your store, you can set your own prices, effectively setting your own profit margin!

Do you charge a monthly fee?

We charge a Monthly Shipping Deposit fee. If you ship enough coffee to use that deposit, you effectively pay no monthly fees! How much coffee do you think you can sell?

Why is shipping charged separately? Other dropshippers charge you for shipping by bundling it into the cost of each product. It's simpler and more profitable - for them. By breaking out shipping costs, you can develop your own pricing strategy to maximize your profits.
What will I pay for shipping? We utilize the lowest rate provider for each package, based on weight, dimensions and shipping distance. Shipping costs are charged to you at our cost with no markup. Shopify provides an online estimator if you’d like to get some ballpark estimates.
Are there any other fees?

JavaMania charges no other scheduled fees. However, there will be other costs involved with setting up and running your store. They include (but are not limited to):

- Monthly fee to Shopify for running your store

- Credit card/Payment provider transaction fees

- Third party application fees for anything you install on your store.  NOTE: As part of your setup, you will need to install Order Fulfillment Guru, a 3rd party application, and register for their Professional Plan. They have a free trial but do have an ongoing monthly fee. More information is available here: This app is mandatory.

- Advertising

How do I pay JavaMania?

You will receive emailed invoices for each order as they ship. These emails will include actual shipping expense. These invoices are to be paid upon the payment terms listed in the invoice. You will also receive a monthly reconciliation for net shipping charges. Any refund on shipping charges, up to the total amount of your shipping deposit, will be applied by the last business day of the month.




Labels & Packaging
What do the labels look like? For the Starter and Professional Plans, you will receive our standard labels which promote your logo and branding. For Platinum Plan members, they can look like whatever you'd like! We'll work with you and your designer to set your brand apart.
What types of bags do you offer? We offer high quality valved bags in Matte Black and Kraft Paper finishes.
What sizes do you offer? We offer K-Cup 12-Packs, 12 Ounce, 2 Pound and Five Pound bags.
Are the Keurig-compatible pods recylable? Yes! Other brands claim to offer a "greener" single serve pod, but often this means that only some parts of the pods can be recycled. Our single serve pods are made from #5 Polypropylene, including the filter and the lid. You can place the whole used and rinsed pod into the recycling bin with no worries.

What does the packaging our customer receives look like?

Your custom labelling will be front and center! The coffee will be shipped in either a cardboard box or plastic shipping bag. The box will contain no JavaMania branding.  


Is there sugar in the flavored coffees? There is zero added sugar in any of the coffees. The only sugars would be that which is naturally occurring in the coffee beans themselves, constituting about 1-2 calories per cup.
Is there any alcohol in any of the flavored coffees? No. Some of our coffees taste like they do (Jamaican Me Crazy, Highlander Grogg, Almond Amaretto...) but the coffees contain no actual alcohol.
My customer says their coffee doesn't have any flavor!

The way that we make coffee and K Cups makes it exceedingly unlikely for a box to be produced without flavoring. While we can’t definitively explain why the customer did not detect the flavors, we have seen a significant impact from COVID and its effect on the senses of taste and smell over the past two years.  This article has an interesting analysis on the phenomenon:

Are your coffees vegan and/or cruelty-free?

We don’t have any official certifications from governing bodies on vegan or cruelty-free status. That being said, the natural and artificial flavorings we use were developed or invented years ago, so there would be no ongoing animal testing (if there ever had been.) This article has a good explanation:

Are your flavored coffees hypo-allergenic?

Yes. All coffees are made with hypoallergenic ingredients in a facility that only processes coffee.

How is your decaf coffee decaffeinated?

All of our decafs are Swiss Water Process. We don’t use any solvent-treated decafs in our facility (methylene chloride, ethyl acetate, etc.)

What is the base coffee used in the flavored coffees?

The flavored coffees all made with a city roast (medium) Colombian Supremo.

Is your coffee produced in a FDA Registered Food Production Facility?

Yes. Official information is as follows:

Facility Name: Java Holdings LLC Limited Liability Corporation
Street Address Line 1: 8179 Starwood Dr Ste 5
City: Loves Park
State/Province: Illinois
ZIP/Postal Code: 61111
Registration Number: 17987307508
Unique Facility Identifier (UFI): 100177564

Getting Started

How do I get started? We have a simple checklist! If you are just starting your coffee brand, we highly recommend that you read these branding guidelines first.
I already have a website but it’s not on Shopify. Can I use JavaMania Dropshipping? No. Due to the complexity of technical integration with other platforms - and the overall popularity of Shopify - we are only accepting candidates who utilize Shopify.
What happens after I sign up? A JavaMania Concierge will reach out to you in email. Follow the instructions and you'll be up quickly!
What is your return policy for coffee shipped to my customers? If a product is returned due to a mistake on JavaMania’s part, you will receive a credit from JavaMania for the original product cost. All other returns and related costs will be determined by your policy.
What if I want to cancel? You have the right to cancel at any time. You can even cancel online - we make it easy. But we're so good, we don't think you'll want to!
Do my customers pay you? No. Your customers will pay you directly through your Shopify store. We will invoice you later for the cost of coffee and shipping, less your monthly membership fee.

A customer asked if they could send a money order to purchase. I told her that we only take debit credit cards, PayPal and Apple Pay. She does not have any of them but only money order.

We generally recommend not accepting money orders for two reasons:

- Scammers commonly attempt to use “pay by money order” to take advantage of online sellers. Here’s a comprehensive article on many of the ways they use it to steal product and money:

- Even if they are not a scammer, handling a money order takes a fair amount of your time. It would be costly to scale your business with that payment method in the mix. 

It could be tempting to feel like you're helping someone out by accepting the money order but it's usually not worth it. 

How often should I be posting paid ads and how much budget should I allocate?

Advertising is a huge topic. An “average” budget would be around $300/month but I strongly encourage you to start on the smaller side and refine your audience targeting and messaging before you go big. There’s no sense in spending a lot of money on an ad until you know that it’s effective!  This link is a good introduction to pay-per-click advertising:   

When you’re trying out keywords an audiences, refer back to the work you did in the Getting Started checklist.  You’ll be working to target those specific people, with keywords that you think they would be typing into Google that you would want to lead to you.