Getting Started - Checklist

This checklist will help you get from square one to selling coffee quickly!

1. Identify and define your market

Don't skip this step! Over 90% of dropshippers fail within the first month because they are not making enough money. Be the 10%! Click here for guidance.

2. Create a brand name

Now that you know what makes you special to the specific people who will be buying your coffee, it’s time to create a name! Don’t worry about whether a domain exists – pick something that fits your market (and you!)

3. Create a logo

There are many options for creating a logo. If you are a Professional or Platinum plan member, our designers will be happy to create one for you.  You can also create one online yourself using available tools like Canva or you can have professionals design a logo for you through sites like 99designs.

The logo should match your branding but DON’T OVERTHINK IT! Your logo - for now - is a minor part of your marketing scheme.  Make it on-brand and recognizable, then move on. You can have your CMO revamp it after you make your first million. :) 

4. Set up your business

One of the the most frequent questions we get is "Do I need to set up an LLC/ Federal EIN?" There are reasons not to do it (simplicity) and reasons to do it (liability, banking, taxes, doing cool things like saying "I own a business.") Shopify has an excellent walkthrough on choices to make and why:

5. Set up a Shopify Store

You can set up a store on Shopify to sell your coffee by clicking here: Once you have it set up, you can get your own custom domain/web address.

When selecting a custom domain, keep it simple, recognizable and on-brand but DON’T OVERTHINK IT! Most customers will get to you by clicking a link, not by typing a URL. This is not the time to shell out big money for a fancy domain.

6. Set up marketing accounts

You will need these for marketing and interacting with your customers.  There’s a world of material on the internet about how to maximize your exposure but it starts with setting up business accounts.

7. Tailor Shopify site to fit your branding

It’s time to make the site your own! Shopify offers many free and paid themes at At this point, you'll want to take care of all of your store housekeeping items as well (custom domain, logos, policies, tax IDs, shipping rates, etc.) Shopify offers great documentation in their Getting Started guide.

8. Design a custom label (Platinum Plan Only)

If you intend to sign up for the Platinum Plan, you can begin designing your custom label design. Starter and Pro plan members will receive our standard tailored labels.

9. Sign up for a JavaMania Dropshipping Plan

Once you’ve completed steps 1-8, you’re ready to bring products into your store and start selling! Select your preferred plan based on your anticipated sales and sign up!. A JavaMania technical concierge will reach out to you to integrate your store with JavaMania Dropshipping. 

NOTE: As part of your setup, you will need to install Order Fulfillment Guru, a 3rd party application, and register for their Professional Plan. They have a free trial but do have an ongoing monthly fee. More information is available here: This step is required.

10. Tailor images, product descriptions to fit your branding

Once all of your products are in place, you can make changes as you see fit.  Before you customize any product images or descriptions, please be sure to follow these instructions.


11. Send through a test order

Working your JavaMania technical concierge, you’ll send through a test order.  Once they confirm it went through, you’re ready for step 10!

12. Launch!

You’re ready to start taking orders! Orders will be automatically routed to JavaMania and fulfilled!