Monthly Shipping Deposit Explained

"Do I intend to sell more than a bag a day?" 

One way JavaMania is unique is that we don't charge an unrecoverable monthly membership fee.  But we do want our partners - you - to have skin in the game.

By risking more, you earn more reward.  When you pre-pay a month’s deposit for shipping, we'll reward you with greater profit on each item sold. 

Plan Monthly Shipping Deposit % Discount off MSRP*
Starter $9 40%
Professional $99 45%
Platinum $199 50%


If you average one 12 ounce bag in sales per day, you'll make a monthly profit with both the Starter and Professional plans.  You need to average 1.5 bags per day to make a profit on Platinum plan. 



As you scale up, the profits add up:

So what's the catch? Any remaining balance on your shipping balance is forfeited at the end of the month. If you don't sell enough coffee to use up your deposit, you lose it. 

The question to ask yourself is "Do I intend to sell more than a bag a day?" 

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* MSRP is Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price identified by all current product pricing list on